I am a writer, who lives in Surrey, England. This site is a snapshot of areas of my life and I hope that it will prompt you to read my blogs and more about some of the things which interest me, such as Emotional Intelligence, spirituality, reincarnation, hypnotherapy and writing as therapy.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The study of Emotional Intelligence changed my life. I was academically gifted but didn't have the balance between my emotional and rational thinking process quite right - effectively, either I shut my emotions right down or couldn't control them. This often meant bad life choices and difficulties in relationships. When I finally hit rock bottom through a series of financial, health and emotional issues, I realised that I had to change the way I lived my life or give it up. With the help of wonderful friends and family I overcame the immediate financial problems and through reading everything I could lay my hands on about EI and a great deal of introspection, which led to the writing of the book, I got myself back on an even keel emotionally.

I am now passionate about helping others cope with stress, anger and change and I'm convinced that this can only be achieved through knowing what makes one 'tick'. I believe that setting up clear channels of communication with oneself and others is the only way forward to a peaceful, balanced and happy existence.

My book, 'My book, 'Emotional Intelligence: Journey to the Centre of Your Self' is published by O Books. It can be ordered on Amazon by using the ISBN number - 978-1-84694-187-0. I am currently working on ‘Surviving Separation’, the emotionally intelligent approach to divorce or separation after a long-term relationship.

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Stop Press - January Sale! I have a limited number of books for sale at £9 including P&P, so if you would like a signed copy, please let me know via the 'contact me' page.