I am a writer, who lives in Surrey, England. This site is a snapshot of areas of my life and I hope that it will prompt you to read my blogs and more about some of the things which interest me, such as Emotional Intelligence, spirituality, reincarnation, hypnotherapy and writing as therapy.

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Fret not, this isn't a treatise on life and the universe, just my own personal beliefs, which have evolved over many years and become stronger this decade.

Firstly, I believe in God, a Creator, a Divine Being , All That Is or whatever you want to call it. It's most certainly not either male or female, it's just everything. I also believe that everyone's God is ultimately a facet of All That Is and I find it very sad that some religions teach that their path is the only path. In my opinion, a lot of so-called religious leaders are on a power trip and certainly don't exercise emotional intelligence. As you may notice, I'm not out to make friends and influence people here!

Secondly I believe that I am a spark of that divine being, as are you, the reader and everyone else on this earth - yes, even the bigots, the murderers, the fanatics and the mentally ill.

I believe that we start off knowing all this and are on this plane to fulfill our soul's purpose. Unfortunately, most of us become 'bogged down' in the mundane and forget that we are spiritual beings with a higher purpose. We become earth-bound, imprison ourselves in invisible cages, get tied up with the emotions of avarice, lust, jealousy, hatred and envy and don't learn our lessons. Consequently, as in some schools, we then get put back a year, only in this case it's a lifetime. We have to come back and start at the beginning again. Some of us come back to help others who are struggling and some seem forever stuck on the treadmill. Thos who do learn sometimes don't come back here and they are the ones on the higher planes who offer us support and help when we most need it - if we are ready to accept it.

You will also see, if you have looked all over the site, that I believe in reincarnation and in soul groups. The book that made the penny drop for me on this was Sue Minns's 'Soul Mates: Understanding the True Gifts of Intense Encounters' For more information on Sue's work and writing go to www.sueminns.co.uk It was Sue who first encouraged me to write my own story after I wrote her my first ever fan letter at the ripe old age of 48! Sue's book helped me to realize that even people who are foul to us or make our lives miserable are there to help. What do we need to learn from our dealings with them? How do the awful experiences make us grow and bring us nearer to our own truth? When one is mired in a situation it's not easy to rise up and see the bigger picture - I know that only too well from my own experience - but rise up we all can, if we open our minds and allow ourselves to.

Apart from fulfilling our life's purpose, we're here to be happy and you will note, if you read the Emotional Intelligence book that I put happiness as the goal we should all aspire to. That doesn't mean to say that we should strive for happiness at the expense of others, rather that we know how to be happy while helping others to be happy, we've just forgotten how and we're often too tied up in life's minutiae to actually enjoy it or learn from it.

I could point you in the direction of thousands of sites, which are interesting and informative on the subject, but one which stands out for me is the writing of Owen Waters. Owen is a Brit who now lives in America and his writing is clear, well thought out and very interesting. I look forward to his Sunday e-mail and forward it to any friends with an interest in spirituality. Visit his site at www.infinitebeing.com and sign up for his newsletters for a weekly treat.

If, like I did, you have allowed the spiritual part of your being to wither and almost die, don't despair, it can't. You can push it away but, like the ball you force under the water, it will, eventually pop up again, maybe not until your deathbed, but re-emerge it will. The sooner you allow it to become a natural part of your everyday life, the sooner you will find the balance, harmony and happiness your higher self craves.

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