I am a writer, who lives in Surrey, England. This site is a snapshot of areas of my life and I hope that it will prompt you to read my blogs and more about some of the things which interest me, such as Emotional Intelligence, spirituality, reincarnation, hypnotherapy and writing as therapy.

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I went on a weekend self-hypnosis course in 1997 and was amazed at how quickly the teacher got us to put ourselves in a light trance. I shouldn't have been surprised, as my teacher was the late and much-missed Mervyn Minall-Jones of the Merjon School of Hypnotherapy. Mervyn and his wife, Barbi had us all entranced with their fantastic ability to write clear, affective hypnotic scripts and teach us how to do so too. The highlight of the weekend for me was when I hypnotised myself to be 'as an iron bar'. We'd done the usual stuff like shove nappy (diaper) pins through our arms and experienced no pain, bruising or bleeding - easy peasy - but the finale was being lifted onto two chairs and have Mervyn sit on my stomach. As he sat there, I burst out laughing - still in trance, refuting the notion many people have that hypnosis makes you lose 'yourself' - and when Mervyn asked me what I was laughing about I replied 'I now know that I can do anything'.

I was so excited by the therapeutic possibilities of hypnosis that I immediately signed up for Mervyn's hypnotherapy course, which I completed in 1998 and became a full time hypnotherapist, but, sadly, only for a short time, as I got bored with helping people win golf tournaments; I had wanted to do more 'serious' work and one area that really excited me was regression. However, at that time my life was firmly compartmentalized, by which I mean that there was no overlap between body, mind and spirit. I didn't feel ready to 'come out' to my business friends that I believed in reincarnation, so I practised in secret with like-minded people. Looking back, it was all very silly but then that's what compartmentalisation does. The brain is more than capable of keeping secrets but it's a very dangerous thing to allow the conscious mind to run one's life. For true happiness there must be a balance between mind, body and spirit.

After my 'dark night of the soul', which really started in 2000 and climaxed in 2006, I broke all the barriers down between my rational and emotional self and opened up my spiritual side. I now 'speak' to my spirit guide on a daily basis - OK, not often enough, still - he does interrupt! - and I don't care who knows it. I run meditation courses, which are lightly based on Mervyn's teachings and my own experience and I regress anyone who asks. I still don't do golf....

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this or would like to be regressed, please contact me.

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Stop Press - January Sale! I have a limited number of books for sale at £9 including P&P, so if you would like a signed copy, please let me know via the 'contact me' page.