I am a writer, who lives in Surrey, England. This site is a snapshot of areas of my life and I hope that it will prompt you to read my blogs and more about some of the things which interest me, such as Emotional Intelligence, spirituality, reincarnation, hypnotherapy and writing as therapy.

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Writing as Therapy

One of the things I advocate in the EI book is keeping a journal. When I was going through dreadful times, writing down things I couldn't say to anyone - or sometimes even to myself – saved my sanity. I also discovered channeling and have whole pages of text I didn't write with my conscious mind; sometimes I can hardly ready the writing, as I was going so fast.

Writing as therapy isn't new of course, but one book I would urge you to read is Dr Allan G Hunter's 'The Sanity Manual: The Therapeutic Uses of Writing'. When I read it I kept mentally nodding and even talking to the book, so enthralled was I by its truths. In the end I contacted Allan and we have become pen friends. I would urge you to visit his site at http://www.therapeuticwriting.com

I joined Walton Wordsmiths, a local writing group in 2004 and it was with their encouragement that I started writing for a wider audience. Wendy Hughes, the leader of the group, was a particular inspiration for me - and fellow Welsh woman! - and she kept me going when I often felt like giving up and getting a 'proper' job; anyone who can overcome such medical problems, run a national group and still write full time would inspire anyone. I would advise anyone with any writing aspirations to join a writing group, as long as the emphasis is on constructive criticism. To find out more about Walton Wordsmiths or the work and writing of Wendy Hughes, click on http://www.waltonwordsmiths.co.uk and www.wendyhughes.co.uk

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Stop Press - January Sale! I have a limited number of books for sale at £9 including P&P, so if you would like a signed copy, please let me know via the 'contact me' page.